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When you're organising a funeral service, one of the first decisions will be whether you are organising a burial or a cremation.

You can be creative and add unique, personal touches to the ceremony if you choose. Even a religious or traditional funeral service can still have a very personal touch

We are also experienced in assisting families who require special cremation arrangements to meet their cultural needs.

We can tailor the service, creating a customised funeral that respects, honours and reflects the life that was lived.

“We’ve been together since we were just kids and it was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to him, but seeing the Supercar parked outside the chapel and knowing how special that would have been to Steven, helped us get through the day. It just meant so much to us.”

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Our people

It is a great privilege to be asked by a family to organise a goodbye for their loved one and honour the life that has passed.

We believe it takes a particular type of person to provide care under the George Hartnett Metropolitan name. Our team specialise in listening to the family’s needs and values, understanding their emotions, and getting to know the person who is now gone.

Our team offer their services as true Queenslanders do – we follow our hearts and let our hearts lead the services we provide. It's about understanding your family's requirements on a more meaningful level. This approach allows the life that has passed to be truly honoured and remembered by the moments that matter the most.

Personalised service

At George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals, our experienced funeral team can help you create an exceptional funeral service as unique as the person who has passed.

“It’s rare to find an industry that connects with all facets of society.” “It is an honour to be allowed to provide support to families that are facing some of their hardest moments and to take care of arrangements so they can focus on their own needs. The gratitude and appreciation in their voices remind me of the impact a funeral director can have on people’s lives.” Michael brings 34 years of experience in the funeral industry to his role at GHM.

Michael – a pillar of the community

Impeccable service

We are proud to have over 145 years of experience in serving families in our local communities. As a team, we are passionate about what we do. We offer professional, personal care for you, your family and your loved one.

Having our own chapels and facilities, ensures you have the opportunity to control all aspects of the service provisions. We want your family and friends to have all the time needed to carry out the type of funeral you want. Our experience and knowledge enable us to cater to all cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Our dedicated team and welcoming facilities make high-quality care attainable for everyone. We are here to help you arrange a funeral that truly reflects what life meant to your loved one, and what they meant to you.

“The Kelvin Grove funeral home combines the best of modern design and the building’s traditional beauty to exceed the community’s expectations of what a funeral service can look and feel like. While it may sound odd to some to visit a funeral home for anything but a funeral, we’ve actually hosted many community activities over the years, from Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, to Queensland Country Women’s Association workshops and local art shows.”

Kelvin Grove Facility

Our promise

Organising a funeral is not something many of us have to do often, so when the time does come, it can feel quite overwhelming. We specialise in creating funerals that are warm tributes to the individual that has passed and ensure that families receive the best of care. 

Our funeral directors have been creating heartfelt funeral services that truly honour the memory, life and values of your loved ones since 1947.

As a team, we’re genuinely passionate about what we do. We believe it takes a particular type of person to provide care under the George Hartnett Metropolitan name. We follow our hearts and pride ourselves on being respectful members of the surrounding communities.

Our funeral directors uphold values of Family, Honour, Trust, Respect, Commitment and Loyalty and bring these values into every aspect of arranging the farewell of your loved one.

“I believe that when someone close to you dies, it carries a unique burden. What happens in the first five days after a death can impact on that family for the next five years, so you make sure what you do in those first five days helps them in the first five years.” – Doris has written seven books and countless articles and columns to help people deal with grief..

Doris – Funeral Industry Mentor

Our locations

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals has funeral homes in and around Brisbane, Redland City, Logan City and Moreton Bay. Many of our funeral homes have recently been renovated to help deliver a higher standard of care. They are modern and welcoming places to gather your family and arrange a funeral.

Live in the Moment. Live on in the Memory.

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals is on a mission to inspire people to do what makes them happy because a life well-lived is a life well-remembered.

We started a conversation about what people do in life, and what defines them - because it’s this uniqueness they will eventually leave behind.

Who will you be remembered as?

Funeral Costs

To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral goods and services we have created a funeral pricing document. Please click on the below button to download the funeral pricing document.

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals are here for you and your local communities

We specialise in creating authentic and meaningful services that are relevant and true to each individual. Our team ensures you get the exact funeral service you want and make every step of the way as easy as possible.

We are here for you.