George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals supports a range of community programs designed to help the young and old alike, as well as hosting memorial services and informational seminars.

Our funeral directors believe in giving back to our community. We are members of your local social group, sporting club and church, and we are dedicated to being sensitive to the communities we serve. We are as proud of the support we provide to community organisations and programs as we are of the care and guidance we provide to families.

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals hosts two types of events. The first are moving memorial services held at special times such as Christmas or Mother's Day. The second type are informative seminars for groups. At these events our experienced funeral directors can discuss topics such as "Coping with Grief" and "Demystifying Funeral Myths". We can also present information on Estate Planning. These seminars can be very helpful for people wanting more information on topics that aren't often talked about.

If you would like a George Hartnett Metropolitan funeral director to come and talk to your group about one of these topics, call us on 1300 662 172.

Upcoming events hosted by us will be posted below, with full details of the type, venue and program.


Children & Teens | Loss & Grief - How Adults Can Help

Thursday 8 November, 9:00am - 12:00pm

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals proudly presents a community seminar to assist adults when children and teens face loss and grief.

Growing up is an ongoing process of change for children that involves times of loss as well as times of gain. The impact of loss affects children in very similar ways to those of adults, but their expressions of grief are often different, and therefore easily missed or misunderstood. They often grieve in bursts and can show their feelings in their behaviour and play.

This seminar will give you knowledge and skills to help a child or teen go through grief and loss.

Free Admission  |  Morning Tea  |  Take Home Factsheets  |  Certificate of Attendance


  • DORIS ZAGDANSKI, Author ‘Teenagers & Grief’ & ‘What’s Dead Mean?’ and Convenor of My Grief Assist website. Doris says: “Many adults, especially parents, are anxious about how to explain death to their children and wonder if it is right to take them to funerals. With teens, often we miss the signs of what causes loss in their life and we mistake their aggressive or withdrawn behavior as antisocial or just a phase they are going through. Learn how to use simple but honest words when we talk to children about death and how adults can truly help children and teens who are grieving.
  • MONIQUE BROADBENT, Service Lead of StandBy – Support After Suicide. Monique says: “Often times when a suicide touches the life of a young person or child, we worry about saying and doing the right thing, about not increasing the young person’s own risk, and about how much they should be told about the circumstances. Sometimes, this results in us saying nothing at all out of fear of doing the wrong thing. Come along and learn about supporting and building protective factors around our young community members, and how you can play a role in assisting a young person reconstruct their life after being touched by a death through suicide.”

North Lakes Community Hall, 10 The Corso, North Lakes QLD 4509 
Parking is available off Endeavour Boulevard under the building. 

By 5 November - phone 0409 494 757 or email